We aim to make long-lasting garments in quality materials. Below you can find our suggestions on how to best care for your clothes.

• When you wash your clothes, wash them inside out and at a low temperature. For delicate materials, use a laundry bag to protect the garment from friction caused by other clothing.

• Avoid tumble drying your clothes. It is hard on the fabric and uses a lot of energy. Dry your clothes on hangers, as this reduces the need for ironing. When ironing, remember to do it inside out. Drying your clothes outside is tempting, but avoid drying them in direct sunlight as this can fade the dark colors.

• Woolen knitwear and denim must be washed to a limited extent. Airing and spot cleaning are in most cases enough to make the clothes feel fresh again.

• Keep your knitted garments folded in your wardrobe instead of hanging. This way it keeps its shape. Peeling is difficult to avoid due to the nature of the fiber. You can buy a small machine to "shave" lint off with. This will keep your knitwear nice and looking brand new.

• Losing a button is not a reason to discard a garment. This is an easy fix! When you think about the resources that go into making your clothes, always try to repair your clothes or support your local tailor. Let them help repair our changes.

• We encourage you to resell or pass on clothes you no longer use. In this way, the life of the clothes is extended, even when from don't need it anymore!.

• If a piece of clothing is worn and not suitable for resale, remember that many aid organizations offer textile collection points where the materials can be recycled.

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